Physical Address: 2207 Avenue R, Snyder, TX 79549 | Mailing Address: P.O. Box 757, Snyder, Texas 79550 325-574-1678


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The FIRST Licensed Taxidermy School in the State of Texas: Established in 1988

NOTICE : Make sure the school you attend is licensed… Licensed schools have to follow strict rules and regulations by the state.

Welcome to a fascinating and rewarding career in Taxidermy…

Central Texas School of Taxidermy will teach you all you need to know to have a professional and successful career in Taxidermy.

There is a great demand for qualified taxidermists. Did you know that most taxidermists are more than a year behind in their work and Americans spend more than $40 billion a year on hunting, fishing and wildlife activities?

Central Texas School of Taxidermy offers a very personal approach to teaching, which we feel is very important in learning taxidermy techniques. Our training program offers the most advanced and latest techniques available today. Students will receive a minimum of 240 hours of intensive taxidermy training during our six week course and 80 hours during our two-week deer course.

Central Texas School of Taxidermy has become one of the most respected and well known schools of its kind. We have had inquiries regarding our school from all over the United States, Canada, Alaska, Africa and Japan. References from our past students are available upon request. We are members in good standing with the Texas Taxidermy and the National Taxidermy Association.

Owner Kelly Leifeste has been active in the art of taxidermy since 1978 and has a bachelor’s degree in business from Southwest Texas State University. Central Texas School of Taxidermy was established in 1988 by Kelly Leifeste to better educate future taxidermists. Jason Bynum, a former graduate of the school, joined Kelly in 2008.

Central Texas School of Taxidermy has been approved for full Texas Rehabilitation Commission and Veteran’s Benefits.

Approved and Regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Approved.


“I’m Buddy W. Manners II, Owner of “Rustic Oaks Ranch Taxidermy” in Anson Texas. I wanted to take the time to write you a “Thank You Testimonial” for your expert teaching skills! Had it not been for you, I would have never been successful in my Taxidermy Business.

After serving 26 Years in the United States Air Force, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after military retirement; however, I did know I had a passion for the outdoors, (hunting and fishing) since I was a young child in grade school. I had thought many times that I would love to be a Taxidermist, but didn’t know if I had the artistic skills to do it well, much less succeed in doing it full-time for a living. After attending your 6 Week Taxidermy School and your Habitat Class, I learned so many things from you and my business has turned into a great success story for me and my family.

Your Habitat Class is what helped us create sceneries that are just truly beautiful and provided us with an edge over some of our competitors. Shoulder Mounts and Bird Mounts look very nice, but with the right habitat scenery created to compliment them, they become breathtaking! I’ve found that if a customer brings his wife with him to pick out a pose for his trophy, 9 times out of 10 he will be getting habitat scenery to go with his mount. The women absolutely love the habitat sceneries and they make that head on the wall look more inviting in her home. There is no better feeling than the one we get when customers’ see their animals we created, for the first time! It is “So Rewarding” to see the Smile on their faces and see the Awe in their eyes when they see their trophy in its habitat scenery! But it all goes right back to You Jason! You took the time to teach us right! You spent the time to help us learn! And most of all, You taught us to succeed as Expert Taxidermists!

You have given me and my family the career opportunity of a lifetime, and it feels so good to do a job that we love doing. There is nothing like it!”

Thank You So Very Much Jason Bynum,

Buddy & Ann Manners
Rustic Oaks Ranch Taxidermy
Anson, Texas