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Rock & Habitat Course

“If you want to learn taxidermy I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to learn from anybody but the best, and that is what you get with CTST and Jason Bynum. The class is top notch, Jason is a true professional and if you can’t succeed in this business it is not because of the teacher or the school. After completing the class I haven’t looked at other mounts the same. The characteristics of a Bynum taught mount are indescribable of how uniquely real they are. If you are going to do Taxidermy for family and friends or if you plan to make this a career, why not learn the trade from the BEST!”

-Kaleb Tierce
Trophy Case Taxidermy

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to impress your clients and set you apart from the competition. Our Rock and Habitat course tuition is $2000.00.


  • How to build custom rock bases, from small rock pedestals to large mountainous scenes
  • How to cast real rocks
  • Where to get your supplies for nice habitat scenes
  • How to pour and make your own icicles
  • New snow base techniques
  • How to construct custom trees and branches
  • Trophy room designs

Clock Hours – 40

  • Casting rocks (5 hours)
  • Framework on rock bases (5 hours)
  • Rock mix ratios and ingredients (2 hours)
  • Habitat mix ratios and ingredients (1 hour)
  • Snow scenes (2 hours)
  • Icicles (1 hour)
  • Custom tree limbs (5 hours)
  • Where to buy your habitat materials (1 hour)
  • How to market your bases (1 hour)
  • Trophy room designs (1 hour)
  • Carving and designing rock bases (5 hours)
  • Painting and coloring rocks (3 hours)
  • Tools for rock bases (1 hour)
  • Different textures and styles of rocks (5 hours)
  • Casting different trees for different styles of bark (2 hours)

The custom rock and habitat course is held once a year in May. There is limited space, so please call (325) 574-1678 for more info and to reserve a spot.

Examples of work from students of the May 2010 Habitat class (click to zoom):

Big Sky Artistry
Roy and Lisa Campbell
Lewistown, Montana

Bent Penny Wildlife Taxidermy
Mathieu Herbelin
Wichita Falls, Texas

Central Texas School of Taxidermy
Rock and Habitat examples,
made by Jason Bynum
(click to zoom)