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6 Week Course

“Jason, hi, I just wanted to say thank you again for teaching me the right way to do commercial taxidermy. I learned more then I ever thought I would about the art of taxidermy. I got home and the mounts I have that were mounted by other people just don’t look as good to me now as they did before I came to your class.
I appreciate all you taught me and I now know the proper way a mount should look. I also appreciate the instruction on how to run a taxidermy business. I am very glad I chose Central Texas School of Taxidermy. Jason you are a true master in the art of taxidermy. Thanks for everything.”

-Barrie Roquemore
Three Rivers Wildlife Expressions
Farmington, New Mexico


Our Six Week taxidermy school tuition is $6900.00, which includes all of the specimens and forms needed. The following is our curriculum.

A 10% deposit is required with all enrollment applications. Applications received without a deposit will not be processed.


Six Week Taxidermy Curriculum

1. Game Heads 45
Clock Hours
2. Birds 30
Clock Hours
3. 25
Clock Hours
4. 20
Clock Hours
5. 38
Clock Hours
6. 4
Clock Hours
7. European Skull Mount 2
Clock Hours
8. Fur Bearing Pedestal 13
Clock Hours
9. Tanning 25
Clock Hours
10. Business Lecture 4
Clock Hours
11. Basemaking 3
Clock Hours
12. Painting and Finishing Work 24
Clock Hours
13. Dry-Preserving 1
Clock Hour
14. Anatomy 3
Clock Hours
15. Reference Filing 1
Clock Hour
16. Laws 2
Clock Hours

Total Clock Hours: 240 Clock Hours

The tuition for our six-week taxidermy training is $6900.00, which does include all of the specimens and forms needed. During the six-week training program, students will receive a complete working knowledge in the following major areas of taxidermy.

Gameheads (45 Clock Hours) Includes:skinning, fleshing, salting, tanning, finishing, coding, form selection, anatomy and mounting. Students will be required to mount one gamehead.

Birds (30 Clock Hours) Includes: mounting, fleshing, body selection, skinning, feather placement, and finishing. Students will be required to mount two birds.

Life-size Mounts (25 Clock Hours) Includes: skinning, tanning, form alterations, finishing, mounting, form selection and base making. Students will be required to complete one life-size mount.

Tanning Fur (20 Clock Hours) Includes: skinning, salting, tanning one fur bearing animal. Students will be required to complete one tanned skin.

Fish (38 Clock Hours) Includes replica bass.  All students will learn how to select and order a replica fish.  Students will be required to assemble all fins and gills.  All necessary prep work will be taught as well as airbrushing.

Antler Board Mount(4 Clock Hours) Each student will be required to complete one antler board mount.

European Skull Mounts (2 Clock Hours) Discussion of whitening and preserving skull mounts.

Fur Bearing Pedestal (13 Clock Hours) Each student will complete one fur bearing animal on a shoulder mount pedestal.

Tanning (25 Clock Hours) Students will be taught the most advanced techniques in tanning and also the proper use of commercial tanning services. This will include skinning, fleshing, salting, tanning, coding hides, tagging and measurements.
(Outlining for all specimens)

Business Lecture (4 Clock Hours) Students will receive lectures on proper business practices and proper procedures on building his/her business from the ground up. They will also be taught about advertising techniques and accurate pricing of work by evaluating cost per hour and overhead.

Basemaking (3 Clock Hours) Students will receive instruction for the creation of a natural base for his/her mounts.

Painting and Finish Work (24 Clock Hours) Students will be taught the proper colors and techniques in using airbrush on finishing his/her mounts. .

Dry-Preserving (1 Clock Hour) Students will be taught the pros and cons of dry-preserving, when to use and when not to use this technique.

Anatomy (3 Clock Hours) Students will be taught basic understanding of the anatomy of each specimen mounted. This is an essential part in the art of taxidermy.

Reference Filing (1 Clock Hour) All quality mounts are backed by having a good collection of reference photos. Keeping photos, proper measurements, and other related data is important for all successful taxidermists.

Laws (2 Clock Hours) State and Federal laws concerning taxidermist will be covered depending on the state in which they will be opening up shop.

Gameheads: One Whitetail Deer.
Birds: One Pheasant.
Lifesize mounts: (one of the following) Badger, Coon, Bobcat or Fox.
Fish: One Largemouth Bass.
Fur Bearing: Pedestal
Board Mount: One Whitetail Deer antler board mount.
European Skull: A bobcat, Badger or a Coon.

Note: Some specimens may vary due to availability.

Students will be required to mount a minimum of 6 mounts to complete the six-week taxidermy course. All specimens will be furnished by Central Texas School of Taxidermy at no additional cost. The forms that Central Texas School of Taxidermy uses are the best forms available on today’s market. Our Whitetail forms have been winning all major competitions for the last eight years.